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5 Reasons Why Plastic Recycling Isn't the Solution We Thought It Was

Did you know that plastic recycling isn’t as great as you might have been led to believe?

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Not all plastics are the same.

Despite most cups, containers, and jugs looking and feeling relatively similar – they’re all made with entirely different compositions so they can’t be recycled together. 

If your municipality doesn’t take a certain kind of plastic, your whole recycling bin could get sent to the trash!


Recycling rates are actually really low.

Even though the promise sounds great, the actual rate of recycling is surprisingly low. In 2018, the Environmental Protection Agency reported that only 8.7% of plastic waste was recycled in the USA.

The rest ends up in landfills, or out in the environment.


“Contaminated” packaging goes to the garbage.

Leftover residues like foods, liquids, and detergents are considered contaminants – and even a small amount can render an entire batch to be left for the landfill.

You most likely didn’t know that your plastics probably need to be cleaned first!


Luckily, starting small can make a big impact.

Let’s face it, the habits and routines of daily life can be difficult to change overnight. Make it easier for yourself by starting with small solutions that don’t require much effort.

Earth Breeze Laundry Detergent Eco Sheets are liquid free, plastic-jug free, and packaged in cardboard.


Reducing is better than recycling.

We know that recycling is better than not recycling… but it’s hard to know where our efforts really go. Earth Breeze Eco Sheets started at the source to solve a problem – by creating an everyday item that’s easy to use, lightweight, and eliminates the need for unnecessary plastic packaging.

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You might be wondering…

Of course Earth Breeze is Leaping Bunny certified, cruelty free, and vegan.

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