Our Mission

Create an impact beyond ourselves

We exist to be the world’s most effective and impactful consumer goods company by absolutely changing how people do laundry.

Our Three Rs



We cut out unnecessary single-use plastic packaging and plastic in shipping. We reduce waste where we can.


We use our business as a force for good and contribute to the regeneration of our planet. Every sale helps fund ocean cleanups and tree plantings.


We partner with charities and nonprofits to donate meals and laundry detergent to those in need.

Our Core Values

Authentic Truth

We are committed to nurturing relationships with our community built on mutual trust and respect. We value every member of our many communities and will continue to support the planet and the people who share it. 

Loving Service

We are here to serve our Earth Breeze community. We believe that not only can laundry be an act of loving kindness, but that we can embrace this mindset in everything we do.

Small Acts Matter

We strongly believe that every action no matter how small, will lead to a larger impact. Everyone has the potential to affect change, and everyone should have access to options that are more sustainable for our planet. 

Be a Force for Good

We strive to make the planet a priority through our regeneration efforts, 
our redistribution efforts, and our partnerships with One Percent for the 
Planet as well as We Are Neutral. 

Massive Imperfect Action

We always try to do the right thing, but we aren't perfect. We always work to make a positive difference and leave things better than we found them. The best way to do that is by getting busy and making a change together.