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5 Reasons Why Earth Breeze Eco Sheets Are the Go-To Choice for Sensitive Skin

The lightweight, easy-to-use laundry detergent isn’t just a better choice for the environment – it’s a better choice for your skin, too!

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You can go fragrance-free.

Your clean clothes should be comfortable to wear – that’s why we created Fragrance-Free Earth Breeze Eco Sheets for those with sensitive skin. The scent-free detergent gets your clothes clean without the risk of irritation.


You can’t use too much.

Pre-portioned sheets make it easy for you to ensure you won’t overdo it. You’ll get clean laundry without leftover residue, or that waxy-feeling of too much detergent left in the fibers of your clothing.


It’s made to be hypoallergenic.

The dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic Eco Sheets are free from bleach, dye, phthalates and parabens – meaning our fragrance-free sensitive skin formula is better for you and the earth!


Simply formulated.

Fragrance-Free Earth Breeze Eco sheets are made up of just eight friendly ingredients to keep it simple and gentle for all skin types and fabrics.


You can save 40% right now.

Subscribe to no-commitment automatic delivery for a 40% discount on Earth Breeze Eco Sheets. You can choose your delivery for every 1-4 months so you never run out of your favorite gentle-on-skin detergent.

What are customers saying?

Great product, the scent is not too strong and very pleasant. It does a terrific job on all my clothes and towels. Saves a lot of space, recycling, and trash. Help save our planet!

Jean K.

Verified Buyer

This product is wonderful it cleaned my dirty washcloths. Sneakers, winter hats (makeup) ,pillow cases with just 1 sheet, bonus this product is saving our environment from the horrible big plastic laundry detergent that will be in our landfills for hundreds of years or our oceans as well as toxins.. I recommend this product to all my friends and followers on IG .. saving the planet 1 sheet at a time.

Michelle L.

Verified Buyer

I wanted to get away from using plastic jugs, and so did my daughter. So I ordered a set for her in the USA and I ordered a set for myself. I've used it a few times now and it works amazing. My clothes are so clean and so fresh. And there's no gross residue in the washing machine. Anything I can do to help the environment. I'm on it.

Brenda H.

Verified Buyer

Using it for almost two years since found out I have an enzyme rashes problems. Now it doesn’t affect my skins at all! It helps the sensitive skin well! 😉

Mishell Ingram I.

Verified Buyer

“I'm very particular about how my laundry comes out, and when my wife first purchased Earth Breeze sheets I was skeptical. I decided to test the sheets out on my white wash because unless there is a stain on your colored clothes you wouldn't know the difference. I was so surprised how clean the white socks came out, used the last of my laundry detergent and never went back. I don't have much space, so I taped two envelopes to the side of my dryer, one for scented and one for unscented. I love the fact that I don't have to purchase the bulky bottle of liquid detergent anymore. I've shared packages with my daughter and friends - I can't praise the product enough. Being earth friendly is a huge bonus.”

Rosanne R.

Verified Buyer

You might be wondering…

Of course Earth Breeze is Leaping Bunny certified, cruelty free, and vegan.

Just throw it in the machine or the detergent slot!

Half Sheet: for regular loads (½ full drum)
Full Sheet: for big loads (¾ full drum)
1.5-2 Sheets: heavily soiled or XL load

Our flexible subscription can be easily adjusted, paused, or canceled. We also offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don't love it. No risk, and no return necessary!

Our Laundry Detergent Eco Sheets are only 20 cents per load with our subscription, which is great value compared to traditional detergent. We even carbon offset every shipment!

You don’t have to subscribe to enjoy Earth Breeze! First, select your scent and the next option will allow you to choose “One-Time Purchase.” You can still save as much as 40% when you buy multiple packs of Eco Sheets.